I’m a Metropolist because…

“I believe that nurturing teamwork is the foundation of an amazing business and career.”

Alysa Carrillo

Broker Care Specialist



Traveling the world and immersing myself in new food, culture, and languages.
Cooking and trying new restaurants with friends and family brings me so much joy. Food has a great way of bringing people together.
Trying anything new and exciting. It’s the spice of life!
Helping my community through volunteer work.
Reading a book that I can’t put down.
Watching movies that make me think, cry, or laugh.
Creating thoughtful gifts that will put a smile on someone’s face. Arts and crafts RULE!

why Metropolist?

I am from Southern California and the transition from familiar to unfamiliar can be daunting. From day one the Metropolist team has treated me like family. Passion, dedication, support, collaboration, and a whole lot of fun is what really makes me happy to call myself a Metropolist.