Jennie Bartz - METROPOLIST

I’m a Metropolist because…

“It’s where I’m my best. Metropolist is a contagious mixture of fun, creativity, excellence, growth and tremendous support. We’re family.”

Jenny Bartz



Career snapshot

I have a pretty mixed background. I was a pharmacy major in college and worked at the hospital while in school. 
After college I was a forest firefighter for 3 years. Most recently a flight attendant.


I love doing anything outdoors. Fishing, Golf and time on the water are my most favorite. I also love backpacking, camping  gardening. In the fall you’ll find me watching all the football games and I’m outside every chance I get during the summer.

why jennie?

I work hard. I work really hard. I’ve had some very difficult careers in the past and I’ve loved the challenge they bring. I’ve always been an observant person, paying attention to all the details. I tend to catch the things that other people don’t see.
I’m good at finding a way. I truely believe there is a way to accomplish anything you need to, you just have to plow the path to that goal. I don’t give up. I’m putting your best interest’s first, every time.
I want to help you do what you feel can’t be done. My past experiences have helped me to grow in such extreme environments and I’m ready to use those skills to help you achieve your dreams.

why Metropolist?

Metropolist was a no brainer for me. As soon as I walked in the doors I knew it was home. 
The Metropolist environment has encouraged me to run at my full potential. The relationships formed here are genuine and have positively impacted my life in areas I didn’t even know there were deficits.
When I go to work I’m excited, I’m smiling, I’m efficient, I’m motivated and most importantly, I’m confident that I’m spending my time doing exactly what I need to be doing, and that’s working hard for you.
The environment at Metropolist is so fun which makes my job not even feel like work. I’m very grateful and hope you can experience that feeling too.

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