Christine Morse - METROPOLIST

I’m a Metropolist because…

“I believe that collaboration is where it’s at.”

christine morse



Career snapshot

After almost 10 years in the telecommunications industry I made the decision to pursue a career that satiated my need to be challenged. I took a leap of faith in myself and that choice has altered my life for the better in every way possible.


Any and all food, my border terriers Ruxin and Dunkel, shoes, and good hair days.

why christine?

Having been a competitive figure skater from ages 7 – 16 years old; hard work, discipline and overcoming adversity is in my blood. I thrive in stressful situations and am able to advocate and support my clients in making thoughtful and educated decisions.

why Metropolist?

Because education and support are invaluable to myself and my clients.

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