Domenica Lovaglia - METROPOLIST

I’m a Metropolist because…

“I couldn’t find what I was looking for in a real estate company, a collaborative community building culture, so we decided to make it!”

Domenica Lovaglia

Managing Broker


Career snapshot

Background in business, facilitation, and event coordination
Aviation services & Aircraft Charter management, Allied Signal & National Charter Owner/Pinwheel Studios; Sculpture Fabrication and Installation
13 years in real estate


Avid community builder and board member (Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, Junior League of Seattle)
Perpetual patron of the arts in Seattle
Mid-century modern architecture and design dork
TCOB Expert (Taking Care of Business – Domenica gets it done!)

why domenica?

When you’re looking for true love, you want someone you can trust, who understands and appreciates you, is a good listener, makes you laugh, helps you make good decisions and most importantly — is someone you’re comfortable being around. Someone you dig. And someone who digs you.
When you’re ready to buy or sell your digs, I will be all of this and more. Ours will be a swift, exciting and adventurous professional relationship; one that in many cases, plants the seeds for a personal friendship to blossom. The decisions we’ll make together will affect most aspects of your life for years to come. And I’ll be there every step of the way.
Are you ready to buy or sell your home in style?
Welcome to the world of Seattle Digs.

why Metropolist?

““We founded Metropolist to be a beautiful environment in which the potential for authentic collaboration across many diverse areas of business thrives. The coworking space, MetroWorks, will bring a multitude of business owners and entrepreneurs to Metropolist, where they can work together, bounce ideas off each other and generate energy towards making dreams come true in all areas and phases of life. This is where the good stuff starts.
Being a Metropolist to me means being an engaged and active part of growing a culture of collaboration, creativity and philanthropy. Metropolist has the foundation to help grow the professional development of everyone involved, as well as create new pathways to achieving greater success in client transactions and experience.”

“Domenica, was fantastic to work with, great sense a humor and professionalism. She was always willing to move things around to be able to help us, and that was much appreciated. She was able to find the right home for us in West Seattle!!!!”

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