I’m a Metropolist because…

“Life is a team sport and I believe it is
important to surround yourself with the best possible people.”

Eric Martin



Career snapshot

Late 80s to mid 90s worked in financial services
Mid 90s to early 00s, Business and corporate development with several small dotcoms and a couple large tech companies including Intel.
2001 dot-com to dot-gone
2002-2007 U-turn on road of life. Go back to school and complete bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Bastyr University
2007 – 2012 Adjunct Faculty at Bastyr University teaching in the Acupuncture and
Botanical Medicine programs
2007 – Present: Owner of GoodMedizen Acupuncture and Herbs. A multi-practitioner, award winning natural health clinic in downtown Seattle
2017: Join Metropolist as part of Team Austin-Martin with the amazing Emily Austin


Hiking and Backpacking
Buddhist Philosophy
Personal Development
Mid-Century Architecture

why eric?

My diverse and multifaceted background makes me uniquely qualified as a broker. I spent much of my working-life crafting and negotiating business to business agreements. In that setting I gained a reputation as someone who could take very complex, and often highly technical, deals and distill them down to language that everyone involved understood. I also gained valuable negotiation, contract and project management skills.

My time as a practitioner of Chinese medicine and as the owner of a very successful small business has given me an entirely different, yet complimentary skill set. As a healthcare provider my number one asset is my ability to listen, to understand the problem and to recognize the best course of action for my patients. As a business owner I am constantly balancing the needs of patients, employees the practice and myself. If is not always an easy task, yet the experience of doing so over the past 10 years is a life skill that translates very well into real estate and trying to balance the sometimes conflicting needs of buyers and sellers.

why Metropolist?

Often the financial services and technology industries I previously worked in felt cold and soulless. We were doing deals for the sake of the deal and because that was what was expected. I knew I wanted to something with heart, something that genuinely made a difference. I thought about becoming an MD, but the writing was on the wall as to what being an MD was like in today’s insurance driven healthcare environment. I love the heart and soul that my Natural medicine practice has brought to my life. When my partner and love of my Life, Emily Austin joined Metropolist in 2016, I was immediately struck by the passion and heart of the three founding partners, and indeed, everyone I encountered. Metropolist is a real estate firm with a huge heart. Every transaction is handled with the clients best interest in mind. Metropolist recognizes that building solid relationships that will last years or decades in the future is much more important than just “doing deals”. Metropolist is making a positive impact for our clients, for the community and for our brokers. I am thrilled to be on-board as half of Team Austin Martin and look forward to continuing the Metropolist tradition of providing the very best service and unsurpassed value to our clients.

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