Heidi Nelson - METROPOLIST

I’m a Metropolist because…

“Anyone can refine the way they dream, I’m a Metropolist because I’m passionate about refining the way we think. That’s where the magic happens…”

Heidi Nelson



Career snapshot

Rounding out 15 years in the Beauty industry, peppered with endeavors crafted around educating English learners through dance and theatre.


Passionate about Health and Wellness and the impact of that in one’s life.
Excited by all forms of entertainment, both as a spectator and a participant.
And I positively live for helping people dream bigger and bolder.

why Heidi Nelson?

How you do one thing is how you do everything. My life is bolstered by a commitment to personal growth and the pursuit of Mastery. When we partner together, you have the confidence of knowing you have an advocate and an ally, who is willing to go to bat for you and won’t rest until we’re both satisfied.

why Metropolist?

Community and Education are the two foundational pieces that drew me to Metropolist. We are are only as powerful and effective as those who we surround ourselves with and I am proud to say that this Brokerage is not only breaking stereotypes in this industry, but also planting a flag for humanity and empathy in the world of sales.

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