Kelly Deen Morse - METROPOLIST


“I don’t want to be part of the pack; I want to be a leader.”





Born & Raised in Seattle
Specialist in New Construction & Built Green
Professionally Trained Chef


Visiting All 430 Seattle City Parks
Finding Seattle’s Best Caesar Salad
Becoming the Person My Dog Thinks I Am

Why Kelly?

My love for houses began when my contractor father taught me about quality construction while building our own home when I was 5. By age 6 I had my own hard-hat, steel-toed boots, and could perform basic plumbing and electrical (with supervision of course). My comfort zone is right in the middle of a construction site and I like to see a home being built from the inside out.
I have established myself amongst my peers as a top Broker in new construction. I work tirelessly to gather information about projects before they come on the market. My efforts have been rewarded by developing a network of Builders & Brokers who know me, trust me, and like to work with me.
I am tech savvy and I utilize technology tools to provide Clients with a seamless & efficient exchange of information. I take care of all the details so Clients can focus on making great decisions.
Home building and household system technologies are changing at a rapid pace. I make an extra effort to stay up to date on current systems and technologies so I can help you select the best home for your lifestyle, goals, and health.
I am a Seattle native and UW graduate. I live in Ballard with my husband of 25+ years and our “special” dog Daisy. Just when I think I have experienced every neighborhood in Seattle, I find a new one or rediscover one I forgot about. I can help you find the community that best suits you.
Spend just an hour with me looking at houses and you will see how much I love what I do and what I can do for you.


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