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“I was ready for my business to thrive in a fun, fresh, yet consummately professional environment.”


Managing Broker



20 years of combined real estate experience
Background in service industry
Experts in negotiation, communication, & listening to the needs of their clients


Football…preferably with Kelley’s famous “Pittsburgh-style” wings
Spending time with Friends & Family


Effective Partnership
Technology has increased the depth and quality of information available to our clients. As a result, most clients don’t want to be directed. They want to be an active and informed participant in the decision making of their real estate transaction. Our service is based on a “team effort” model, where communication is open, consistent and reciprocal.

Long Term Relationships
We understand that real estate needs are not “transactional” and don’t end with the closing of your present purchase or sale. We see ourselves as your friend in the business who you can call on for real estate advice as well as referrals to service providers such as contractors, mortgage brokers and tenant screening companies. As an added bonus, you have a great REALTOR Team to whom you can confidently refer your friends and family.

Powerful Negotiation
In the age of information, access to accurate market data is easier to find than ever before. This is especially true for us in Seattle. Sellers and Buyers are smarter than ever. That said, every transaction has unique circumstances. Our thorough understanding of contracts, financing and industry practices allow us to set the pace of negotiations.

Smooth Real Estate Transactions
This starts with writing airtight contracts. Attention to detail and partnerships with highly dedicated professionals in escrow, title and lending ensure that our transactions stay on track and that no unwelcome surprises rear their head down the line.


We were ready for our business to thrive in a fun, fresh, innovated, yet consummately professional environment. We knew we found the perfect place as soon as we walked in the door at Metropolist!

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