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The Seattle Rental Market Blues

As a past or present Seattle renter, you’ve probably thought to yourself, at one point or another, “What a waste it is to throw my money into something I don’t own.”

Whether it be updates, decor for a small space or even just the rent check itself.

This recent article […]

Seattle Real Estate Brokers “Panel Up” for The Pit

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Brokers from multiple firms throughout the Seattle area gather to collaborate and strategize on key business aspects happening in our local market now. Right now.

Business-impact for brokers?
Your ROI in attending this class comes in the form of multiple expert insights, experience and problem solving examples on a topic […]

Strong Against Cancer Fundraiser & Birthday Party…You’re Invited!

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Two sisters here in Seattle, Alexis & Amanda Ip, decided that their birthday wish this year is to give more kids…more birthdays! Their birthday party is actually turning into a bonafide Seattle event as they’re teamed up with Seattle Children’s Hospital to raise funds for the Strong Against Cancer campaign[…]