Best Year Ever 2018 - METROPOLIST

Best Year Ever 2018

Instructor: Jennifer Nelson
10 am – 2 pm  Wednesday Oct 18th, 2017

This class will share insider tips, tricks and hacks on developing and implementing the game changing plan for your business. Walk out the door with that plan in hand!

Consider this: Did you know that 42% of brokers in this business with 6-15 years of experience make less than 50K? If that hits a little too close to home for you, this is the class for you. Period. Or maybe you have a great steady business but would like to bring it to the next level…you will also gain insights and practical tools to make that next level a reality. There is power in being intentional about your plan for your year, and there is certainly power in meeting with others in the business to brainstorm ways to interact with your database thoughtfully…And successfully.

4 clock hours

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