Your Seattle Real Estate Career: Where Do You Want to Go?


Got a career vision for your Seattle real estate career trajectory? A clearly defined path to success for yourself?


You may have a few loose ideas, you may have it all mapped out…or, you may be at a loss. In all cases, read on…and review this video as well.

Developing a path, a process and a vision aren’t always easy to articulate. We asked a few brokers here what they were looking for and where they wanted to take their own Seattle real estate practices.


We’re hoping that their answers will help spark some ideas for your own vision work and help you clarify where it is you truly want to go.


What were each of these three different Seattle real estate professionals looking for, and what did they find?  Watch this video of a few Metropolist brokers, as they share in their own words:


A seasoned agent, David Warren (:20)

“I realized an old school brokerage just wasn’t for me anymore. I wanted something more open and friendly with a very collaborative atmosphere,” said David Warren, during his 11th year in the business.


A commitment to education

“Metropolist IS education,” he stated. “They have a very strong educational background. It’s just a natural for them. That’s where they came from and that’s what they’re all about.”


Right around :46, David shared about why he thinks so many newer brokers fail in this business as they’re just starting out.


Partners in business with a growing team, Meister & Stewart (1:18)

Partners Meister & Stewart chose to base their team in the Metropolist firm because they sought a more collaborative environment. They had experienced enough of the “sink or swim” environment and mentality “offered” by other real estate firms.


Other attractions?

The modern, beautiful design pulled their attention.

“It was just really refreshing from being in an office building with bad carpet…in a veal pen, as I like to call it,” shared Kelley Meister. “It was the space and the neighborhood,” she continued, “and it just hadn’t been done.”


What about the split?

“The other key piece is that it’s a reasonable split,” noted Amie Stewart. “We all know the firms that charge an exorbitant amount, and then you kind of wonder what you’re getting for that split. And so, I just feel like it’s a business decision for us to have moved to Metropolist and it makes sense financially.”

A newly-licensed broker, Sara Starr-Poulsen (2.19)

Sara was looking for something a little different from the traditional firm; something to align more closely with how she thought of herself (a little “out there and loud”…not stuffy, not boring).


She wanted a structure to be available as well as the freedom to use it in a way that best suited her life and success…as she defined it.


In other words, she enjoys the structure as it helps her business, and she has the freedom to use the tools and systems as she sees fit.

Metropolist seattle real estate firm

What about YOU?

So, when considering your career (and time and life) Seattle broker, where do you want to go?


  • Are you thriving in a beautifully designed historical building with a collaborative community of support and structure 100% available to you?
  • Are you clear and in full understanding of what you’re currently receiving for the dollars you are paying to your firm? Is that number reasonable and a good business decision for your business?
  • Are your colleagues eager for your success? Or does it seem more like a “sink or swim” environment? Regardless of the answers to the last 2 questions, does that work for you?


As you’re beginning to consider options in where to align and land your real estate practice in Seattle, consider these questions so you can best answer, “Where do I want to go?”


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