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Seattle: The City of Volunteer Bad-Assery

Case in point: the 500 Bags Project in SODO. A fast and fun event leveraging time, compassion and care….rather than 100% cash. Review your awesomeness now.

Dear Seattle,
You are a scrappy, grass-roots, get-it-done, big-hearted bunch.

If Saturday’s 500 Bags Project for our homeless neighbors was any indication (and we know it is) your capacity for showing up, and sharing hope is …tremendous.

You did it
We’re positively amped about the 500 bags of simple essentials filled, zipped and distributed….in about 30 minutes!

We were planning to spend 3 hours and you got it wrapped up in half of one. You’re amazing!

Metropolist give and go event

Because you get it.

It’s not about the toothbrush.

It’s not about the granola bar.


It’s about thinking of someone else.

Someone who’s living on the street.

Having a tough time.

Right now.


It’s about showing up.

With kids, friends, parents…and strangers.

To take some simple actions that will let the people with very little on the street know that someone else is thinking of them.

500 bags event for the homeless at Metropolist

Also a treat to have Kiro 7 and King 5 taping segments and interviewing participants.

(Click the links to see the finished stories.)

You blow us away, Seattle!


2 volunteer ladies at Metropolist event

Appreciate your heart, your time, your willingness
to show up with us and help others in our shared community.


Your message of hope rang loud and clear in this fast & simple “give & go” event.


And we heard you.

500 Bags was a fine start…and clearly you’re up for more.


What do you say?

5,000 bags for the next round?


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