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Top 4 Home Renovations for Maximum ROI (Infographic)

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Seattle, this infographic on top home renovation projects also shares percentages of maximum return.


These top home renovations may not come as a big surprise to some of you, but when it comes to taking time to focus on maximizing your return on investment, a short review of the […]

Showing Instructions and Winning Offers

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Winning an offer for your buyer has a lot to do with you and your broker practices.

Imagine this.


You are about to represent your client in a multiple offer situation.


The house is priced at $800,000. Your client fully trusts you to do your best work, be […]

Thinking of Listing Your Seattle Home or Property?

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Let’s talk a little bit about timing and competition regarding real estate today.

Head’s up! Today’s post is a little different: we’re looking at the real estate market through a more national lens, rather than a solely Seattle area lens. Let’s get started!


Did you know?

The number of […]

Leading the Real Estate Process with Buyers

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Your Toolkit: empathy, creativity and continuing market education in Seattle.


Especially when working with buyers who’ve made multiple offers already.


Ugh. It’s tough. Uncertainty prevails until acceptance comes…in writing.

Keep your buyers close

Chances are good that your buyers haven’t experienced this kind of market before. This level […]

Support & Aesthetics Meet at This Seattle Real Estate Firm

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The real estate business can be lonely and overwhelming. If you’ve been a Seattle broker for any amount of time, you might even consider that first sentence an understatement.

We know, understand and act to support our brokers with beautifully designed, relevant broker tools to use when clients are interested


Get Your Guide to the Hottest Real Estate Market in the Nation

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Seattle’s real estate market, both residential and commercial, has been cooking for a few years, making it tough for people who want to enter the market, or even move within it. That’s where the 1st-ever Metropolist Magazine jumps in to inform.


Our 1st magazine is a 12-page guide packed […]