Hayley Stimpson


Hayley Stimpson

Metropolist Concierge


“I thrive in positive and uplifting environments and that is exactly what Metropolist is all about!”

Career Snapshot

  • Born and raised in Duvall, Washington
  • Been in the service industry for 14 years
  • Former hair stylist
  • I decided to try something new and am loving my decision so far!



  • Learning more about the world of real estate and event planning through the eyes of Metropolist.
  • Traveling
  • Hiking
  • My cat, Mr. Pillows
  • Music
  • Going on adventures!
  • Cosmetology


What started out as just temp work, quickly progressed into a new career path that I was not expecting. Coming from such a strong background in the service industry, I really didn’t think that there was an office job out there like this one. I had an immediate connection with everyone I am lucky enough to work with and I never wanted to leave. Since I started working at Metropolist I have become a more joyful person and I know it is because of the constant positivity, the guidance and support they all offer me while I navigate through this new career path as well as the work-life balance I was looking for! So I guess the question is, why not Metropolist?