The People People

The People People

Broker Team


“We love the team spirit, camaraderie, and sharing best practices with the whole team.”

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Career Snapshot

  • 15+ years Estate Management, project management, and home restoration
  • 20 years Sales and Marketing experience
  • Our combined years of customer service successes could have grandchildren


  • Food, especially food that we didn’t have to make.
  • Outdoors, especially with our dogs
  • People….hence the name.
  • If we can spend time with people and dogs outdoors eating delicious food we did not make, that is the ultimate.


Are you a person? If so, we are your people. Gretta is the negotiator. Courtney is the hand holder. Gretta sees the full potential of a property from restoration to resale. Courtney sees if you’re in love with it, simply happy, kinda nervous, just settling or ready to run. Both of us will keep you calm, laughing, and enjoying every step between where you are now and the front door of your next home. Whether you’re buying, selling or both, we’ve gotcha.

We cater to two types of people: friends who become clients and clients who become friends. Beyond that, our clients are first time buyers and sellers, seasoned real estate investors, lifelong Pacific Northwesterners, transplants and new arrivals. We welcome everyone in the SLBGTQ and TBD community – for us, it doesn’t matter who you love, so long as you love working with us.


We love the Metropolist logo. We love the Metropolist colors. OK, good looks aren’t everything. Metropolist also has a good personality. Seriously. We love the team spirit, the camaraderie, the way everyone shares his or her best practices, street smarts, connections and resources. What helps us out, the People People, helps you out, our people, when we’re marketing the home you want to sell and reeling in the one you want to buy. Fine, we’ll admit, our Metropolist colleagues just happen to all be ridiculously good looking, but our eyes and hands are where they should be: on the road, opening doors, shaking hands, making calls, giving hugs, writing deals, closing sales and high-fiving success.

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