Wendy Sloneker


Wendy Sloneker

Content Marketing


“I share content on social media, emails and blog posts. Sharing stories, questions and possibilities are some of my favorite things. I love that I get to do this all day!”

Career Snapshot

Communicator & dot connector, Wendy is a gifted listener who has written, invited, talked with, and thanked thousands of people with written words. Her amazing gift as a storyteller has allowed her to make her passion her dream career. Living by online pen since 2012, she is grateful for attributes of curiosity, physical and mental energy, the ritual of morning coffee, and the Oxford comma.

She has been a freelance writer since ‘98. Before that she taught after-school art programs in Westchester County, NY.


  • Handwriting analysis
  • Knitting: learning new-to-me knitting stitches, making beautiful woolen creations
  • Watercolor painting
  • Animals: I love playing with my dog, Rosie, and I could also watch horses move, eat and play for hours.