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Metropolist is fully ADA accessible for events on the first floor.

If I’m charging for my event, do I have to pay admission tax?2017-11-16T20:32:41-08:00

Renter is responsible for obtaining any and all appropriate performing rights or licenses prior to the event, when performing rights or licenses are required. This includes ASCAP and BMI music licensing for any music used, beat specific or incidental to the event.

Renter is responsible for paying City of Seattle Admission Tax for public performances. Contact the Seattle Department of Finance at (206) 684-8412. Seattle Municipal Code 5.40.020 requires an admissions tax be levied and imposed on every individual admitted to any event for which there is a charge for admission, whether or not that person has paid for admission, and that such admissions tax be remitted to the City of Seattle. Certain non-profit Arts or Human Services organizations may be exempt from the collection of admissions tax after receiving an exemption from the Seattle License and Tax Enforcement Office (206/684-8484). Renter certifies to Metropolist that 1) they collect and remit admissions tax per SMC 5.40.020 or 2) have received an exemption from the City of Seattle. Renter furthermore indemnifies and holds Metropolist harmless from Renter’s responsibility for collecting and remitting admissions tax as required by law.

Can I serve alcohol? Can I sell alcohol?2017-11-16T20:33:51-08:00

The distribution or sale of alcohol is solely the responsibility of the Renter and Metropolist is not liable for any events or instances resulting from the availability or consumption of alcohol.
Metropolist requires that any user dispensing alcoholic beverages utilize the services of a Class 12 licensed bartender and comply with the regulations of the Washington State Liquor Control Board(RCW 66 and WAC 314). The service of hard liquor must be approved by Metropolist in writing two weeks in advance ofthe event and Metropolist, atits sole option, may require security guards, additional event managers, and added security deposit, at the expense of the Renter.
Metropolist requires all private events serving alcoholic beverages to obtain appropriate permits (http://liq.wa.gov/licensing/banquet-permits).
If a Renter is selling alcoholic beverages, they are required to have a Liquor permit.
Securing banquet/liquor permits is the sole responsibility of the Renter. Approval of rental will be granted once a copy of the permit to serve alcoholic beverages is received (two weeks prior to event) and the guidelines are met.
A copy of the permit will be kept in the organization’s file. Any event where alcohol is served requires a Metropolist staff member to be present during the entire event. Metropolist reserves the right to deny use of alcohol for any reason. Alcohol may not be consumed outside the building.

What if  BLEEEEP  happens?2017-11-17T09:00:37-08:00

Renter is responsible for any clean up of bodily fluids. If there are additional steps/costs necessary to remedy, charges will apply.

Can I have candles?2017-11-16T20:35:51-08:00

Open flame is not permitted. Glass containers must beat least two times the height of the flame. Floating candles are permitted.

Can I bring my own food or choose my own caterer?2017-11-16T20:34:24-08:00

Renter may select the caterer of their choice. Renter and or their caterers are responsible for bringing any items needed for food service. Metropolist does not provide equipment or serving utensils.

What happens if there are damages to the building or equipment?2017-11-16T20:35:01-08:00

Renter is responsible for all damage to property and equipment caused by its agents or their patrons. Such damage is inclusive of the physical facility, equipment contained therein, the exterior of the building, the sidewalks surrounding the building, and any other merchandise or goods inside the building and caused by Renter, its agents or their patrons.Renter is responsible for reporting any damage made to Metropolist premises immediately following the event. Any failure to report damage will result in the loss of the security deposit and/or additional charges.
Metropolist is not responsible for items left, lost, or stolen.

What do I do with my garbage, recycling and food waste?2017-11-16T20:35:36-08:00

Garbage and recycling must be well secured (no leaks please!) and placed the containers in the back alley. All food waste and food soiled compostable material must be placed in the food waste containers with a Metropolist Staff person present. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that guests are following instructions for the above.

Do I need to have insurance for my event?2017-11-16T20:26:11-08:00

Renter will evidence a One Million Dollar ($1,000,000) comprehensive/general liability policy adding Metropolist as an additional insured party. An insurance certificate must be delivered to Metropolist a minimum of before the day of the event. Insurance requirement can be waived in writing by Metropolist. Waiver of insurance requirement, or failure to provide proof of insurance, does not remove liability from the renter. Renter remains liable for any property damage or personal injury incurred during rental.Renter hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Metropolist and any of its agents and employees, from all liability for any acts or omissions of Renter, its employees, volunteers, audience members, licensee and invitees arising out of or related to the event, excluding those liabilities arising from the negligence of Metropolist, its employees or agents.

Where can my guests park and where can we load and unload stuff?2017-11-16T20:22:34-08:00

Please refer to our Parking Map. Where applicable renter may utilize the loading area behind Metropolist for setup and breakdown of event. Parking is available on 1st Ave S and surrounding streets as well as both paid and unpaid parking lots throughout the area. Parking arrangements are the sole responsibility of the renter. Please advise guests of your event to obey all parking signage. All establishments are able to tow at a moment’s notice. At no time is it acceptable for vehicles to be parked in front of fire hydrant behind Metropolist.

Do you set up and clean up for my event?2017-11-16T20:14:54-08:00

Renters/Caterers are responsible for the set-up of the space including chairs, tables, linens, food, beverages and all other services. General clean up after the event is expected such as removal of any spills, garbage and all rented items. Deeper cleaning such as floors and counters and moving things back into place is not necessary as that is included in the rental cleaning fee. If additional cleaning is necessary renter will be charged at the contracted hourly rate of $50 per hour.

Where can we smoke?2017-11-16T20:06:33-08:00

No smoking of any substance is permitted in, or within 25 feet of any entrance to, the facility. Please advise guests of any event to follow and adhere city ordinances regarding this.

Can I drop equipment off early or have it picked up the next day?2017-11-16T20:05:58-08:00

Only rentals may be delivered early or picked up later with prior approval by the vents Coordinator. All items must be promptly removed following the event. No personal items are allowed onsite outside of contracted time.

Do you have floor plans?2017-11-16T20:02:02-08:00

We have sample floor plans available for you to download right here on our website!