Can I serve alcohol? Can I sell alcohol?

The distribution or sale of alcohol is solely the responsibility of the Renter and Metropolist is not liable for any events or instances resulting from the availability or consumption of alcohol.
Metropolist requires that any user dispensing alcoholic beverages utilize the services of a Class 12 licensed bartender and comply with the regulations of the Washington State Liquor Control Board(RCW 66 and WAC 314). The service of hard liquor must be approved by Metropolist in writing two weeks in advance ofthe event and Metropolist, atits sole option, may require security guards, additional event managers, and added security deposit, at the expense of the Renter.
Metropolist requires all private events serving alcoholic beverages to obtain appropriate permits (
If a Renter is selling alcoholic beverages, they are required to have a Liquor permit.
Securing banquet/liquor permits is the sole responsibility of the Renter. Approval of rental will be granted once a copy of the permit to serve alcoholic beverages is received (two weeks prior to event) and the guidelines are met.
A copy of the permit will be kept in the organization’s file. Any event where alcohol is served requires a Metropolist staff member to be present during the entire event. Metropolist reserves the right to deny use of alcohol for any reason. Alcohol may not be consumed outside the building.