If I’m charging for my event, do I have to pay admission tax?

Renter is responsible for obtaining any and all appropriate performing rights or licenses prior to the event, when performing rights or licenses are required. This includes ASCAP and BMI music licensing for any music used, beat specific or incidental to the event.

Renter is responsible for paying City of Seattle Admission Tax for public performances. Contact the Seattle Department of Finance at (206) 684-8412. Seattle Municipal Code 5.40.020 requires an admissions tax be levied and imposed on every individual admitted to any event for which there is a charge for admission, whether or not that person has paid for admission, and that such admissions tax be remitted to the City of Seattle. Certain non-profit Arts or Human Services organizations may be exempt from the collection of admissions tax after receiving an exemption from the Seattle License and Tax Enforcement Office (206/684-8484). Renter certifies to Metropolist that 1) they collect and remit admissions tax per SMC 5.40.020 or 2) have received an exemption from the City of Seattle. Renter furthermore indemnifies and holds Metropolist harmless from Renter’s responsibility for collecting and remitting admissions tax as required by law.